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Text Box: We offer several methods for providing solutions for various line and drain cleaning problems. Utilizing our high pressure low flow jetters most drains can be cleaned requiring a minimal use of water, For larger pipes and drains a large high flow unit is effective for most lines.
Jets, used with a handgun are also very effective in the use of assisting a vacuum truck to move material to the vacuum hose. A self contained water supply is very important while working in remote locations.
We are equipped to clean almost any type of drain from a city sewer main to a process line at a plant.
We have a variety of specialty nozzles to handle the most difficult cleaning applications.

Text Box: ●Drain Cleaning
●Process Piping
●Sewer Lines
●Storm Drains & Culvert Cleaning
●Municipal Sanitary Sewer Lines 
●Floor Drains
●Handgun Wash Downs







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