Text Box: This is a fairly new technique of uncovering buried pipe and utility lines. Although it is somewhat still in its infancy, Hydro-excavating is quickly becoming the desired method to locate and expose buried lines in a non-destructive, quick, and safe manner.
For contractors, municipalities, as well as utility companies this method consists of using a vacuum truck with a high pressure water lance to cut ground away while vacuuming the slurry. This allows the buried line to be exposed with no damage.
Traditional methods of digging, such as by hand or using a backhoe are time consuming and dangerous, especially when digging in the area of a buried gas line or fiber optic cable. Ground disturbance is kept to a minimum resulting in reduced backfill.
This technique is also perfect for utility companies wanting "pot-holing".  Precision digging allows the correct depth and shape for sinking power poles, line poles and any type of concrete poles without as much ground disturbance that traditional backhoe and large equipment means.

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